You’ve Done the Hard Part Already

So you’ve decided that it’s time to part, or you simply want to upgrade your diamond ring to a better, brighter one. And now you’re asking yourself, “How can I figure out where to sell my engagement ring ” ?

Congratulations… you’ve already done the hard part!

We can provide a quick, free assessment of your ring’s value in the current market, and hand you the cash or check for that amount right over our store’s counter. Or if you prefer, you can accomplish the whole process from home. Read the brief explanation below to see how it’s done.



How to Sell your Engagement Ring in Person

We also operate two New York City locations where you can bring your diamond ring in for a personal appraisal. We’ll be happy to talk with you about the finer points of diamond jewelry assessment, and set your mind at ease about the selling price and the transaction itself.

When you walk through our doors, you have entered the business place of New York City’s top diamond buyers. Our experience and expertise are unparalleled in the field, and we’re so certain of our appraisals, we will actually match any reasonable offer you bring us from anywhere else!

Sell and pocket the cash or check right then and there. Or turn around and use it for a brilliant diamond ring upgrade. We’re here to make the whole adventure smooth sailing into a new life with a shiny new token on your finger.



How to Sell an Engagement Ring Online

Diamond Buyer NYC maintains a sophisticated, interactive website for the sole purpose of helping you sell your diamond jewelry online. Simply fill out the short form that gives us an idea of the piece you are selling, then send it to us. Our expert diamond appraisers will provide you with a quote, free of charge. We even offer to reimburse the cost of shipping your ring, so that you can receive the most accurate valuation possible.