All genuine diamonds are worth real money. Do you have diamond jewelry lying around in the recesses of a bureau drawer or jewelry box, pieces that you haven’t used in years? Most people do, especially when they reach mid-life or older. What earthly good are your old diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, and diamond earrings if you never use them?

You can quickly receive cash for your diamonds, whether the stones are in settings or loose, large or small. We assess and purchase all kinds of jewelry with diamonds, and you can even carry out the entire transaction online, from the comfort of your home.

Go to our Diamond Buyer NYC website any time, day or night, and start the process. You’ll find a simple form that allows you to send us details about the diamond jewelry you want to sell. If you have questions, one of our experts will be happy to answer them in an online chat on that same website. Once your questions are answered, just send the piece of jewelry to us for a professional appraisal by our certified gemologists. We’ll give you an accurate fair-market price, and we’ll even pay the shipping!

Diamond Buyer NYC also has two New York City jewelry stores to serve you, one in Brooklyn and another in Manhattan. We invite you to bring us the diamond jewelry you’re thinking of selling. Appraising the value of diamond jewelry has been our specialty since 1976, and you can trust our long experience and highly trained expert’s professional quotes to be the highest possible price for selling your diamonds. We’re so confident in our accuracy, we’ll match any reasonable quote from any other source. Once you accept our offer, we’ll get you the money in cash, check, or wire transfer.

It’s easy to make magic of your unwanted diamond jewelry.
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