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Wedding Ring Buyer

Time to Sell a Wedding Ring?

No matter who it belonged to, a wedding ring represents something consequential, with value on many levels. That’s why your very first task should be to decide on a wedding ring buyer who is scrupulously honest, highly skilled, and a powerhouse in the industry.

Diamond Buyer NYC is the online twin of Lion Diamonds Group Inc., a respected purveyor of diamonds and fine jewelry since 1976. Our longstanding presence in the industry is good evidence of our integrity, and you can find many excellent online reviews to substantiate that fact.

We work exclusively with experts in the field to determine the value of your wedding ring and buy it for a price that’s fair. Several different factors come into play during the assessment of a wedding ring, and a specialist in gemology is best able to give you the most reliable estimate of your wedding ring’s value. Our gemologists are well trained in making appraisals, and you will generally have a quote in less than 24 hours.

Choose the Method that’s Right for You

Once you’ve decided who to go to, and we hope it will be us, it’s time to decide on the best way to get the ring to the expert. Diamond Buyer NYC makes this incredibly easy, by offering three different ways to get the job done right:

  1. Most people prefer to see a wedding ring buyer face-to-face, and for good reason. Doing business personally allows you to get a good feel for their character and professionalism, and with our company, you can ask questions to your heart’s content. Come by our Manhattan or Brooklyn Lion Diamonds shop and get the best price for your diamond ring from experts in the industry.
  2. Mail in your ring via FedEx, UPS, or USPS, and we will pay for the shipping. With this method, you can stay home and send your ring to us for a reliable, hands-on appraisal. We will then send you a quote and, if you agree, we’ll buy the wedding ring through wire transfer or write you out a personal check for its correct value.
  3. Get your quote directly online by sending us photos and details about your wedding ring. This option is normally reserved for those who need cash the fastest way possible. An online evaluation without a visual inspection will not be as accurate as one that allows the appraiser to check the ring using a professional jeweler’s loupe.

Get it Done Right!

Assessing the quality and market value of each individual piece of jewelry is no task for the uninitiated store clerk. Nevertheless, you can find them giving out appraisals at many pawn shops and jewelry stores. Whether you opt to sell your diamond ring online or in person, the outcome will be better going through specialists like Diamond Buyer NYC.

We also have a standing 100% price-match guarantee policy. Bring us your best legitimate quote from any other NYC diamond appraiser offering cash for your engagement ring, and Diamond Buyer NYC will match it or better it, as long as the offer is reasonable.