the four cs of diamond quality


For generations, diamond appraisers and those who set prices for diamond jewelry in general, have relied on four evaluation categories in order to judge the quality of a diamond. In the industry, these are called the “Four C’s” and they are set like Mount Rushmore in the complex art of diamond quality assessment.

How do diamond appraisers judge quality?

Diamond “cut” – That all-important quality, diamond brilliance, derives mostly from the cut of a diamond. For example, a round, oval, pear-shaped or marquise cut diamond will usually offer more points of reflection, and therefore higher overall brilliance, than an emerald-cut or square diamond, which has far less facets. The expertise of the cut is what’s important here.

Diamond “color” – The highest-quality diamonds exhibit the least color. This is because they let more light through the stone, making it more fiery.

Diamond “clarity” – This category refers not only to the natural clarity of the stone itself, but also to the stone’s tiny blemishes, which detract from its intrinsic value.

Diamond “carat” – This refers to the actual size of the diamond. Many uninitiated diamond jewelry buyers are under the misapprehension that a diamond’s size is its carat value, but the reality is that a diamond’s carat is determined by its weight. Obviously, the heavier the stone, the more pricey it will be.

How do diamond appraisers judge quality?

Diamond Buyers NYC has added another “C” to the usual list: Certification. This is a report from a diamond-appraisal expert stating their official assessment of the diamond’s current market value. Such a certificate is only accurate when it comes from a certified gemologist. At Diamond Buyers NYC, that is the only kind of appraisal we do. See how to get certification for your diamond jewelry here.