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When Should I Sell my Engagement Ring?

As you might imagine, the usual reason for selling an engagement ring is because the engagement just didn’t work out. There are many other reasons, however, that I might want to sell my engagement ring, all of them having to do with upgrading the final product.

Selling an Engagement Ring to Upgrade

Thinking of improving your current diamond ring, rather than replacing it? Below are the top reasons couples give for upgrading a diamond ring:

  1. Renewing your wedding vows – This is the perfect time to upgrade a diamond ring. In fact, most couples who renew their vows choose to upgrade rather than to completely replace their original diamond wedding rings.
  2. You’ve changed your style – People do change, and their preferences often change with them. Maybe your diamond ring suited you perfectly years ago, but now you are a more confident, more stable, and yes, more wealthy you. Why not upgrade that all-important symbol on your finger to reflect the present instead of the past?
  3. The stone is flawed – While it is extremely hard to damage a diamond, they can sometimes become flawed even though they were perfect before. And some stones have filled flaws that become more visible with age. It makes sense to have a flawed diamond replaced with a perfect one, if only to be able to enjoy it more every time you notice it shining on your finger.
  4. The setting is flawed – It is much more common for the setting of a diamond ring to be damaged than the diamond itself. Most metals are susceptible to certain kinds of scratching and distortion, especially the tiny prongs that hold the stones or decorate the band. Rather than replace the setting, you may choose to have it renewed by an expert. It may surprise you how economical the process is and how much pleasure you get out of it.
  5. The newest rage has you hooked – Perhaps your friend got one of the trendy new diamond colors or cuts and you just can’t get it out of your mind. Could be it was meant for you, just like the man you married!

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