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Tips to Sell my Engagement Ring in NYC with Best Prices

Ideally, an engagement ring is a priceless keepsake that represents lifelong commitment from one person to another.  It is a promise of wedding bells and exchanged vows down the road.  In reality, things don’t always work out the way we intend, and engagements are no exception.  Sometimes plans to walk the aisle get derailed before the event occurs, and perhaps more tragically, the ensuing marriage doesn’t make it to the finish line.  In both cases, the engagement ring can turn from a symbol of lasting happiness to a reminder of a difficult experience.  Rather than toss that valuable item into the trash, why not sell it for a moderate price and get a little cash in your pocket along with that much-needed closure?


The following are tips on what to expect when you decide to sell your engagement ring.  These are generalizations of the practice, of course, and you should examine the fine print of any transaction to be sure you’re getting a fair deal.

  1. Sentimentality does not equal value.

    To you, that engagement ring may be a symbol of a lost love or a time of happiness, so you may have a number in mind that considers its personal value.  To a buyer that acquires engagement rings for business, it’s a stone set in precious metal, and its value is not enhanced nor decreased by what it means to the seller.  Once you’ve decided to part ways with the ring, you should expect to receive about half (50%) of its original value.

  2. The price of price of precious stones and metals is subject to change. Much like the stock market, the value

    of gold and diamonds shifts according to supply and demand.  Many buyers will make offers according to the value of the stones or metals according to their resell value.  When you’ve received a quote for an engagement ring, you can’t always expect the offer to remain the same if you decide to sell it later.

  3. See a

    specialist if you want the best offer. While pawn shops and similar stores are reputable businesses that offer a valuable service to people who need money quickly, they are not the best place to sell an engagement ring.  Rather than offer fair prices like Diamond Buyer NYC, these vendors will seek to purchase your engagement ring for as cheap as possible to keep their profit margins wide.  It is advisable to seek out organizations that are in the specific business of purchasing jewelry, so you know it’s in the hands of those who can offer you the highest returns.

At Diamond Buyer NYC, we understand that it can be difficult to know exactly who to trust when you’re looking to sell your engagement ring for cash.  Our standards remain a cut above similar shops because we operate using straightforward business practices and our international connections allow us to offer higher rates for all our engagement ring purchases.  Call 855-289-3769 for a risk-free appraisal that can be completed from home.