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Time to Sell my Diamond – Does Size Really Matter?

So the time has come to sell my diamond. But how can I figure out what a fair price would be?

The Value of the Carat

Did you know that a diamond’s carat only represents the measure of its weight, and has nothing to do with its other important traits? It is common practice among laymen (and bridesmaids, relatives, and friends) to judge the value of a diamond by its carat number. Nevertheless, very few people understand that a

large diamond’s size does not always equal more brilliance, clarity, or attractiveness. By contrast, a small but

perfect diamond could be worth a fortune!

Judging Books by their Covers

It’s a mistake to judge

a diamond by its carat rating. The reason, which all gemologist and professional jewelers understand, has to do with the other important assessment characteristics of every diamond: cut, clarity, and color.

When a professional gemologist appraises a diamond, these three “C’s” are evaluated and added to the carat number in order to accurately rate the true value of a stone. Each of these four characteristics is exhaustively graded and considered separately and together

in order to come up with the fair market value of the gem.

Get Certified

Once you start the process of selling a diamond ring, you will probably find it’s more complicated than you thought. If you want to know a diamond’s real value, it’s always best to let an expert guide you.

You might be thinking, “Where’s the best place to get an accurate appraisal so I can sell my diamond for the right market value?” Diamond Buyers NYC has been in the business for generations, and we can guide you through the process online or off. Click or call for our certified gemologist’s expertise! Professional diamond appraisals are free and without obligation.