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How to get Cash for Diamonds in New York City

While there are many businesses who claim they will pay you on the spot for your old jewelry, not many engage in fair practices and that leave you certain you’ve made the right decision.  In fact, many vendors will take advantage of consumers who lack the know-how to value their diamonds.  It is common knowledge that diamonds are some of the most precious stones on Earth, but understanding exactly how valuable is another thing entirely. Below, we’ll cover how diamonds are appraised, so when you receive a quote, you’ll know how is value was determined.

How are diamonds valued?

Diamonds in are valued according to three key identifiers, which are known in the diamond-selling world as The Four C’s:

  • Carats—This is a technical term for the weight of a diamond. Note that this is not the same thing as measuring its size, since two diamonds that are identical in diameter can have different carat weights. The natural density of the diamond as well as the cut factor in, and buyers will almost always pay more for diamonds of higher carats.  Exceptions to this are diamonds of exotic color and rare clarity, which can override the value of carat weight to some buyers.
  • Cut— Since diamonds are taken out of the ground as misshapen lumps of shiny rock, they must be cut down to a smaller, more attractive shape before they can be put into jewelry. The cut the shape of a diamond after it has been polished. Better cut diamonds reflect light across the inside surfaces (facets) and appear more radiant to the naked eye, and the symmetry of the lines is an important factor.  Different shapes like marquis, princess, and asscher take varying levels of skill to produce, so their selling points vary accordingly.
  • Clarity—The clarity, or purity, of a diamond is the amount of light it reflects. This is a combination of the diamonds natural composition as well as the cut. Imperfections like darkened facets are called inclusions, and the less of these a diamond has the more it’s worth.  Many consider the clarity of a diamond to be the second most important factor behind its carat weight.  Flawless diamonds are rare, as most will have small imperfections that can be seen under a magnifying scope.
  • Color—Most diamonds are completely transparent, having no color. However, many factors occur under the earth that can change the tint of diamond to different shades. Typical diamonds range from colorless to bright yellow, but exotic colors like pink, orange, red, and dark blue (the Hope Diamond) do exist in nature.  The value of the diamond according to its color is a matter of the buyer’s tastes, but since colored diamonds are incredibly rare, they are usually worth more than their glass-like counterparts.

At Diamond Buyer NYC, our business has been purchasing unwanted diamond jewelry at fair prices for over three decades. Our process is simple: You tell us about your ring, we contact you with an offer within 24 hours, then you accept our offer and receive a check in the mail.   If you want cash for your diamonds today, call us at 855-289-3769, and get a risk-free quote.