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Get Cash for Diamonds the Easy Way

Whether you are trying to get cash for diamonds by selling them online or to real-life

diamond buyers like those you will find at our New York stores, the first thing you should realize is that your diamonds possess an intrinsic value. All genuine diamonds have monetary worth, no matter how small the stone, or how flawed.
The next step is obvious then. Find out what the fair market value of your diamonds really is. This is where it gets sticky for most people, who wouldn’t know how to use a jewelry loupe if their life depended on it.
Arm Yourself with the Facts

Expert gemologists who appraise the value of diamonds for a living will tell you that they use an international diamond-rating system involving what the industry calls “the four Cs.” These are color, carat, clarity, and cut. Each of

these are assessed minutely and their collective ratings are then used to determine the precise value of a diamond. You need such an expert to give you an accurate evaluation of your gems

Getting the Cash for Diamonds Is Easy

If you have not tried to sell your diamonds before, you might think that getting actual money for diamonds is the hard part, but you would be mistaken. Check out our cash for diamonds webpage and you will see just how easy we make it to sell your diamonds online. We use only GIA-certified experts to give you the highest possible quote with a fair value on the current diamond market.

If you

prefer, you can ship your diamonds to us for appraisal and we will give you a quote for

free and either buy them on the spot or ship them back to you. You probably won’t want us to ship them back though, because we will match any other reasonable offer you have! And we’ll even pay for your shipping, with no obligation on your free expert appraisal!

Diamond-sellers in New York City can visit us and talk to an expert gemologist in person. We’ll listen. And we’ll give you top dollar for your diamonds, too.