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Choose the Best Engagement Ring Buyer

People sell engagement rings for many different purposes, and many of those reasons are fraught with emotion. Emotion is one thing you don’t want to be influenced by when you’re choosing an engagement ring buyer. This is a time when rational thinking, planning, and research help you come out ahead.

Qualities of a Fair Engagement Ring Buyer

Unless you absolutely must sell your engagement ring quickly, take some time to choose a highly qualified professional to assess the quality of the ring. Look for these traits in the diamond buyers you are considering:

A certified gemologist – It’s important that the person who evaluates your engagement ring is a well-trained expert, not just someone working in a shopping center who is not invested in a jewelry

career. Any professional gemologist will show you their certificate if you ask them to. And you should ask, because your payment depends on the appraiser knowing their stuff.

A track record in time – Look for jewelry experts who have been in the business for a long time. As an example, Diamond Buyers NYC can trace the uninterrupted history in their family diamond business back for two full generations. This kind of experience is golden in the tricky industry of diamond evaluation.

A known quantity – Make sure that the engagement ring buyer you choose is well thought of by his clientele. Today’s internet makes it easy to see how customers evaluate

any business, through feedback and other online comments that provide honest ratings. We have the honor of receiving consistent top ratings from such online feedback. Check it out here.

A smooth-sailing process – Look at the methods your potential buyers offer to evaluate and purchase. Are they complete, organized, and easy? We pride ourselves on offering the fastest, easiest, and fairest process around. See some details here.