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Sell Diamond Ring Fast!

With the advent of technology, there has never been a better time to sell your diamond ring. These days, plenty of folks are figuring out that they can market a diamond ring quickly and without hassle by selling it online from their own home.

Just think! You never even have to go out of the house in order to convert your diamond ring to cash in hand! Glance over the bullet points below to discover just how easy we’ve made it for you with Diamond Buyer NYC’s online ring-buying platform.

Sell a Diamond Ring Online

Here’s how it works:

  • Initial contact: Go to this page on our website and click the big yellow “Cash Quote” tab on the right. This will give you a pop-up form where you can leave us your name, email address, and some details about the diamond ring for sale, including a photo or two, if you so choose.
  • Wait just a bit for it: One of our experts will get back to you right away, usually within the space of 24 hours. We can either give you a quote that represents our professional opinion of the diamond ring’s value, or you can send it to us or bring it in to one of our NYC stores in person. If you ship it, we’ll even pay the charges. Allowing our certified gemologist to make an official appraisal of the ring by putting it through some rigorous physical testing is not obligatory, but it’s always the best way to determine its highest possible market value.
  • Accept our quote and sell: By accepting our offer, you have the option of receiving cash in hand, a direct wire deposit to your bank, or a check for the full amount.

Sell in Person

We also operate two stores where you can sell your diamond ring in a person-to-person transaction. Call 855-289-3769 or come see us today!