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Jewelry Appraisal NYC

Jewelry Appraisal NYC

So much goes into the art of appraising jewelry, and the end result-a fair-market quote-is crucial to both buyer and seller. To the uninitiated, it can seem complicated and intimidating. How can you be sure that your jewelry appraisals are for real? Can you trust the company that assesses the value of your jewelry to buy it from you for the correct price?

Look Behind the Scenes

  • Experience: Finding the right jewelry appraiser in NYC is similar to searching for the right expert in any profession, anywhere. You want someone who has experience, someone tried and true in their specialized industry. Someone who loves what they do. Diamond Buyers NYC was established way back in 1976. With two generations of jewelry experts in this highly successful, international family business, we should be at the top of your list for experience and dedication in our field.
  • Training: You also want someone with the right training. Our current president, Jonathan Domatov, was captivated by his family’s sparkling business at the tender age of thirteen. His training is the best kind, from the ground up. Over the years, he studied and practiced every aspect of the jewelry business, from polishing stones to jewelry appraisal and international purveyor skills. Not only that, but he is among the youngest graduates of the GIA (Gemologist’s Institute of America), receiving his diploma when he was just sixteen. Owner of four jewelry companies, Jonathan now heads up Lion Diamonds Group Inc. and Diamond Buyer NYC, a fast-growing dot com jewelry company.
  • The trust factor: When it comes right down to it, one of the easiest ways to decide whether to put your trust in a professional is to look at their history. How long have they been around? We have forty years of total immersion in the fascinating world of jewelry. Does this not prove our devotion? Our success is based wholly on our client-centered approach to doing business. Your satisfaction is our secure future.

The Jewelry Appraisal Pros in NYC

If you need a professional jewelry appraisal before selling your valuable jewelry, don’t leave it for days at a pawn shop for evaluation or allow a clerk behind a jewelry counter in a mall to give you an “instant appraisal.” And don’t post your precious jewelry on eBay, which is notoriously unreliable when it comes to the fine arts of selling and appraising jewelry.

We can provide you with an accurate assessment of the precise value of your jewelry within the space of 1-1/2 hours. We’ll give you a verbal quote free of charge or, if you prefer, hand you a legal document with the professionally appraised value on it, which can be used for both selling your items for a fair-market price or buying the right amount of insurance to protect them.

Visit us online or come see us in person. We’ll make everything easy for you.