Buying diamond jewelry is really a three-part proposition:

  • Part 1: Decide on the type of jewelry you want, diamond ring, diamond necklace, diamond earrings, etc. This is the easy part.
  • Part 2: Choose the setting you love and can afford. This can be overwhelming, but fun!
  • Part 3: Choose the perfect diamond for your needs. This is the hard part, when things get complicated. Below are the usual questions at this point, and some brief answers to guide you along the way.

How do I know whether a diamond is real?

These days, many fake diamonds appear real to the untrained eye. Only a certified diamond appraiser can tell for sure. That means you cannot trust the “expert” opinion of the clerk at a jewelry store mall or the local pawn shop owner, unless they happen to be certified gemologists. And that is as rare as a real diamond.

Diamond Buyers NYC uses only certified gemologists to complete their free appraisals. You can also get the appraisal in writing in the form of an expert report for insurances or resale purposes or as proof of current value for any reason.

Should I expect to sell my diamond for what I paid?

Take heed: This almost never happens. Even if a long time has elapsed between the purchase of a diamond and the value of diamonds has appreciated, you are unlikely to find a diamond buyer who will offer you a figure close to what you paid. This is mostly due to the cost of doing business, and the hidden factor that many diamond sellers offer their wares on consignment, which makes buying for cash risky to them.

Your best bet is to sell a diamond online, where there is very little overhead. See our easy
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