Diamond Buyer NYC offers two extraordinarily easy methods to sell your diamond ring, bracelet, necklace or other jewelry


Visit our streamlined diamond-buying platform at our website. Most people prefer to start the process of selling their diamonds online, simply because they can do it from anywhere. Many are unaware, however, that it is possible to complete the process without bringing the diamonds to us personally.


Come to one of our stores. It’s fine to simply fill out our online form , along with some pictures and details about the diamond jewelry you want to sell, but when you want to be sure they are appraised as precisely as possible, you’ll want to bring it to us so we can assess it in person.

Your Appraisal Is Free!

Either way, your professional appraisal is always free and without obligation with us. We’ll give you a professional quote, arrived at by one of our certified gemologists using a thorough evaluation process and leading edge diamond testing.

Got Another Offer? We’ll Match it!

The resulting price evaluation will be the highest possible market value for your diamond jewelry. We’re so sure of our value assessments that we will match any reasonable, proven offer you bring us from elsewhere.

We’re the Best – We’re Number 1!

We are NYC’s number one diamond buyer, with two generations of experience in a family business consistently devoted to buying and selling diamonds and fine jewelry. Our background and extensive training are impressive, but what puts us over the top is our remarkable team’s customer care. When you put your precious jewelry in our hands, we don’t take it lightly. We understand that each piece of jewelry has a history, just like the person who wore and loved it.

Our respect for these precious connections to the past and for our valued customers gives us uncommon, expanded abilities to serve you. Visit us online or at our stores and see for yourself… soon!