Does it matter if the center stone is a different cut or color than the side stones?

Experts say it does, but mostly in regard to the cut of the diamond. It is considered best to try to keep all of the stones on one ring within the same cut grades. The color, however, can be categorized within three differing neighboring grades and appear indistinguishable.

How does Diamond Buyers NYC appraise diamonds online, when it cannot test them physically?

We offer two ways to price a diamond, online or in person. If you need cash fast, send us details about the piece of diamond jewelry you want to sell, along with some photos, and we’ll make you an offer. Your best price, however, will come from mailing us the piece or bringing it to us, so that we can assess it in person.

How do I choose the diamond that represents the highest quality within my price range?

Here are a few hints: View the stone outdoors in the sun. Check for purity in the form of brilliance and visible perfection. Look for “dead spots” in the stone. Ask to see the appraiser’s certificate. And finally, all things being equal, choose the stone that speaks to your heart.

Why might I need an official diamond report or certificate?

Certified gemologists such as those who perform all the diamond appraisals for Diamond Buyers NYC offer a certificate that details their expert opinion of a stone’s value and the reasons why they arrived at their conclusions. These reports may be used to determine how much insurance to buy to protect your diamond jewelry, as an internationally recognized assessment of the current market value of the piece, and as proof that the diamond is genuine.

Which diamond cut is best?

This is a matter of preference, but in general, smaller and rounder equals more brilliance, while larger and squarer equals a higher-carat appearance.

How can I keep my diamond clean?

The best way is to have it done by a professional, which is quick, cheap, and well worth the visit.

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