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Engagement Ring Buyer

If you are casting about for an engagement ring buyer, consider Diamond Buyer NYC. We’ll give you a free, reliable appraisal and buy the ring from you on the same day of your visit.

We Know the Real Value of your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring was special to you. Very special. When you’re ready to let it go, and the memories that go with it, then you’ll want to take steps to make sure you receive a fair market price for reselling it. There is never a reason you should settle for less than your ring is actually worth, but it’s important that you know its true value, not the value you think is correct

Diamond Buyer NYC is recognized as the number one engagement ring buyer in all of New York City. Our strength for decades has been twofold:

1.The ability to accurately assess the best value for your engagement ring, evaluated by one of the jewelry specialists who make up our staff.

2.The long understanding of the whirlpool of emotions that usually bubble up when anyone is parting with an engagement ring.

In the End, It’s About Peace of Mind

Our experts will appraise your special ring on the spot for you and talk with you about the process. We will provide all the information you need in order to feel you have done the best you can to respect not only the ring’s value, but the value of your own peace of mind as well. Our jewelry evaluation process is secure and private, performed in your presence, with your questions answered every step of the way.

We know that, no matter your reasons for selling your ring, this is a meaningful event in your life. We are also well aware that the process of fixing the fair price and then finding an honest buyer can be extremely daunting, especially in the face of the emotional attachments inevitably connected with an engagement ring.

It is always our privilege to walk through such a process with our valued customers. We have the information, the skills, and the sensitivity to help you do it right.

Record-Breaking Speedy Transactions

Along with our specialized experience and finesse, we can offer you a quick, painless transaction from the moment you walk through the doors of our Manhattan shop, to the time you walk back out with real money in exchange for your engagement ring. We will make the value assessment, tell you the best market price, and buy the ring then and there, with a check or wire transfer, whichever suits your needs the best.

Remember, our expert verbal appraisals are 100% free of charge, and we can provide the exact legal documents you need for just $75. Call, click, or come in to start a new life today!