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Diamond Appraisal NYC

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Need cash fast? You can get a free, accurate diamond ring appraisal on the very same day you visit Diamond Buyer NYC. Then you can sell it for the fair market value set by experts in the field. It’s fast, friendly cash, in exchange for that ring you were keeping in a jewelry box or drawer.

We Really Know our Stuff

Our jewelry specialists have generations of solid experience to back them up. You can trust our highly trained appraisers to deliver a fair quote for your diamond ring, and you can relax throughout the appraisal process, knowing you are in the hands of skilled professionals. There is never an assessment fee for our verbal, on-the-spot appraisal services, so take advantage of our knowledge and experience to realize the best possible return for your diamond jewelry. It’s what we do. It’s what we’re here for. Online testimonials

Why Choose Diamond Buyer NYC

Did you know that jewelry stores rarely keep gemologists on their staffs? Try appraising a beautiful diamond ring in a jewelry store some time. Chances are good that the first clerk behind the counter will be the one who evaluates your ring by simply weighing it on the store’s scale. Worse yet, they may even urge you to settle for the meager melt value of the ring’s metal and a drastically discounted token price for your stone or stones.

At Diamond Buyer NYC, appraising diamond rings is the most important task we undertake. And we do it all day, every day. Jewelry store owners have other things on their minds, such as paying high overhead and constantly devising marketing ploys. For this reason, their quotes may vary widely, and seemingly without logic. When it comes to diamond appraisal NYC, your best bet is to trust this important transaction to specialists like the folks on the experienced staff at Diamond Buyer NYC.

Number 1 Diamond Buyers in New York

Our well-respected shop has established itself as the top purveyors of diamonds in NYC. When you receive an offer from us, you will be convinced that there�s no need for a second opinion. We can almost always do much, much better than any jewelry store, pawn shop, or other diamond buyer. Not only that, but we have a standing 100% price-match guarantee policy. Bring us a proven, reasonable quote from any other NYC diamond appraiser for your ring and we will match it or better it. You simply cannot lose.

When you rely on our well-honed services at Diamond Buyer NYC, there is no need for an appointment. We can help you get an expert diamond appraisal and sell your jewelry for the right price.

If you need an assessment on a number of items and decide to visit our Manhattan store, Lion Diamonds Group Inc., do consider calling ahead, for your convenience. We will set aside enough time for one of our experts to properly appraise your diamond rings, and any other jewelry items you may want to have evaluated.

Transform your diamond jewelry into hard, practical cash in the form of a check or secure wire transfer… today! To get a top-level diamond appraisal in NYC, call (855) 289-3769, visit our Manhattan store, or go online for your free quote right away.