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Cash For Engagement Ring

Start your cash-for-engagement-ring process by coming to Diamond Buyer NYC for an initial appraisal. There is never a charge to our customers for an expert evaluation of your engagement ring’s fair-market value. And if you decide not to sell to us, or to take the time to hunt down a second or third opinion, we will never charge for giving you the benefit of our expert appraisal services, even if you don’t sell to us.

Got Time? First, Get a No-Obligation, No-Cost Appraisal

If you want to sell an item as important as an engagement ring, then you surely want to do it right. The great advantage to taking your time for a project like this is that you have many options.

  • In person: Come directly to one of our stores and we’ll walk you through the evaluation and sales process, so that you feel well-informed and comfortable with it. Doing business face-to-face is the very best approach of all.
  • By mail: Shut-ins often choose to use a reliable shipping service to send their engagement rings for evaluation. We’ll even pay for door-to-door Fedex, UPS, or USPS shipping!
  • Online: Our staff of expert jewelry appraisers is available twenty-four hours a day, every day, to answer your questions via phone, email, or live chat over the internet. You can begin by simply sending us a photo online for an initial quote. Then, at your leisure, you can either mail us your ring or bring it into one of our two convenient locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. There, a gemologist will determine your engagement ring’s value using a powerful 10X loupe.

In a Hurry? Get the Fair-Market Value Quote, then Sell it on the Spot

When you need fast cash for an engagement ring sale, Diamond Buyer NYC is your best choice. One of our most popular specialties is the ability to evaluate the fair market value of your engagement ring and then buy it from you, within the space of just a few days. Time, like diamonds, is money, so we have elevated this process to an art form. We are New York City’s preferred one-stop site for jewelry appraisals and sales.

Whether you bring your ring to our experts in person, mail it, or fill out our appraisal form on our website, you will be pleasantly surprised at our professionalism, speed, and efficiency. Our gemologists are experts in assessing the color, cut, carats, and clarity of your diamond ring.

A good appraiser takes into consideration many different features of each ring, in order to produce a fair-market value for its selling price. At Diamond Buyer NYC, you will never receive a superficial, one-size-fits-all evaluation of your jewelry, such as you are apt to get from a clerk in a pawn shop or jewelry store. Even so, our seasoned appraisers can get you a fast quote that reflects a precisely accurate fair-market price for your valuable engagement ring.

Client-Centered Transactions

Over the decades, the most important thing we have learned about our fascinating industry is that it must be client-centered to succeed. We make every effort, therefore, to accommodate you, inform you, facilitate your engagement ring sale, and get you top dollar in the process. We aim for nothing less than perfect satisfaction in every single transaction.

Check out our sterling reputation online, then let us take a look at your engagement ring!